Premium Bicycle Insurance Information

Bicycle Insurance

*for bikes between $1,000 to $30,000
Theft away from home
Theft from home
Transit cover
Damage Cover
Malicious damage
Racing cover
Road hazard cover
Worldwide cover extension
Custom parts (fitted) damage/theft
Personal accident cover
Bicycle rack cover
Third party property damage cover
Third party bodily injury

Premium Bicycle Insurance Information

We provide insurance for all corners of the cycling world. Our standalone bicycle insurance cover is created specifically for cyclists. This goes for commuters to racing cyclists and includes cover for theft of your bicycle, crashing your bicycle and accidental damage. It includes cover whilst competing and can be extended to cover you and your bike if you are travelling overseas. Keep in mind that even if you have contents insurance, there is every chance your bicycle may not be sufficiently covered. Very few home contents policies cover bicycles for in use damage and most have very low cover limits.

Call and tell us about your bike and the type of riding you do and we’ll talk you through your options.


How We Insure Your Bicycle


Your bicycle is covered in the event of theft from your home and while you are out and about It’s insured in the event of a crash whether you are commuting, training, racing or riding in the park with the kids. It’s insured on the roof of your car or in the hold of a plane, bus or train.


Insurance For You As The Rider


Your body is insured against bumps both here and overseas … up to $10,000 for death or disability or up to $1,000 towards non-Medicare expenses such as dental, private hospital, ambulance or manual therapies such as physiotherapy. We have a separate Cyclists Liability Policy that you can take out that insures you against damages that you may cause to another person's property or bodily injury for up to $20,000,000. Visit our Cyclist Liability Cover (CLC) page for more information. Optional Extras We can also cover the things you may have added to your bike. Coverage is available for a full range of bicycle accessories - HRM, GPS, racing wheels, panniers - whilst in use.