Premium Bicycle

Premium Bicycle Insurance

If riding is simply part of who you are, then you want to truly protect your ride. We designed our Premium Bicycle Insurance policy to cover your bike and specific bike accessories when racing, commuting or on weekend rides. Velosure Premium Bicycle Insurance covers bikes for theft, crashes, malicious and accidental damage and more. The policy even includes a free worldwide extension for when you take your bike overseas – you just have to let us know when you are travelling!

Your Bicycle

How we insure your bicycle

Our standalone bicycle insurance cover is created for passionate riders, this goes for commuters to racing cyclists.

We can also cover the things you may have added to your bike. Optional coverage is available for a full range of bicycle accessories such as HRM, GPS, racing wheels, panniers – whilst in use.

The Rider

Insurance for you as the rider

Included is personal accident cover up to $10,000 for death or disability caused directly and solely by a crash while riding your bicycle. We will also pay up to $1,000 for non-medicare medical expenses, including ambulance, physiotherapy and dentistry.

Before buying a Velosure policy, please read the PDS for further information and to ensure the product suitably meets your needs.

What we cover*

  • Theft away from home
  • Theft from home
  • Transit cover
  • Damage caused by attempted theft or unintentional impact
  • Malicious damage
  • Racing cover
  • Road hazard cover
  • Personal accident cover
  • Bicycle rack cover
  • Optional worldwide cover extension
  • Optional theft and accidental damage cover for specified custom parts
  • Third party property damage cover
  • Third party bodily injury

*Benefits subject to terms and conditions, including limits and exclusions of the insurance policy.

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Premium Bicycle Insurance

Cyclist Liability Insurance

You may also want to consider our Cyclist Liability Cover, which goes even further to insure you against your own accidents with other people, like injuring someone else or damaging their property.