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Your Home and Contents insurance may not fully cover your bicycle. Our insurance covers bikes up to $30k and while in use. Our team of cycling experts with over 10 years of experience will provide exceptional service. Ride with peace of mind knowing we've got your back.

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Trusted to pay claims in Australia for more than 14 years

Velosure customer

...always professional and courteous to deal with

Velosure customer

I could get back on the road asap 👍👌

Sony Hawk
Velosure customer

Recently broke my frame and Velosure was straight on it — they never missed a beat.

Darren Hicks
Velosure customer

Couldn't have asked for a better outcome

Lee Watts
Velosure customer

Unfortunately drove my bike in the garage roof in a pretty stupid moment.

Harry Mitchell
Google review • Velosure customer

I have researched the market and would highly recommend Velosure.

Get Protected

The freedom to ride and the confidence that your
team at Velosure have your back!

Did someone decide they need your bike more than you do? Don't worry we'll take care of getting you back in the saddle.

The freedom to ride and the confidence that your
team at Velosure have your back!

Accidentally drove into the garage with your bicycle on the roof? Not the greatest end to your ride? Luckily, we can help get your bike fixed.

Keen to indulge that competitive streak and put your skills to the test? Our policy covers you for timed races.

Cycling moves us

We live and breathe bikes. They're kind of an obsession over here. We love to keep people moving, getting them back on the road when bad luck rears its ugly head. Commutes and crits, gravel fondos and grocery runs - it all makes up this glorious thing called cycling. We want to move with the times and strive to lead the way in the sometimes dull and dusty world of bicycle insurance. We want to help you because we are you.

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Yes. We offer cover for your E-bike

Life sometimes throws a spanner in the works.

Here are some insights into what most people's claims are for.*





traffic incident




*Based on Velosure claims statistics from Jan 22 to Dec 22.

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