Send it down the singletrack

With premium mountain bike cover from Velosure

Mountain biker sliding in the mud

Why choose our insurance for your Mountain bike?

Trust Velosure, your local ally on every rugged Australian trail, for tailored mountain bike insurance. As you embrace the unexpected twists and turns of mountain biking, our unrivalled protection ensures your passion doesn't take a financial hit from accidents, theft or damage, keeping your adventure rolling.

Insurance for Mountain bikes
  • Theft away from home
  • Theft from home
  • Transit cover
  • Accidental damage
  • Malicious damage
  • Racing cover
  • Road hazard cover
  • Personal accident cover
  • Bicycle rack cover
  • Optional worldwide cover extension
  • Optional theft and accidental damage cover for specified custom parts
  • Third party property damage cover
  • Third party bodily injury

Our Premium Bicycle insurance for Mountain bike cover benefits*

We can help cover the embarrassing moments like falling over because you couldn’t unclip, as well as the ones you have less control over, like your wheel washing out underneath you.

We hope you never have the heartbreaking discovery one morning that someone stole your bike in the night. If you do, we can cover it (as long as you follow our security and approved lock requirements).

Enjoy your weekend coffee ride or daily commute knowing that, if your bike gets stolen while in your line of sight or while locked with an approved lock, we will get you back on the saddle.

Planes, trains and cars can be dangerous places for a bicycle. If yours gets dinged by a clumsy baggage handler while in local transit, we’ll cover it.

That horrible lurch in your stomach as you hear the sound of a frame scraping on concrete. You’ve driven into the garage with your bike on the roof, haven’t you? We know the feeling, so let us take care of it.

Half wheeled with another rider while sprinting for the prime? At least you know your bike will be covered, even if you didn’t get to enjoy the sweet taste of victory this time.

Taking your bike with you overseas? We can cover your checked-in bike whilst in transit and for 90 consecutive days while you enjoy your travels. Send us a postcard!

We provide limited cover for permanent injury or death caused directly and solely by a crash while riding your bicycle. We will also pay up to $1,000 for non-medicare medical expenses.

Are you one of those cyclists who loves tech? Garage full of gadgets and accessories like GPS, racing wheels, panniers? Add them to your policy and we will cover them while they’re in use.

We know that one bike is never enough. Add a second bike to qualify for a 10% multi-bike discount on your second bike.

                                                   *Benefits subject to terms and conditions, including limits and exclusions of insurance policy.                                                              Professional or sponsored cyclists are not eligible for this policy.
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