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5 Reasons to insure your bike

November 27, 2023

We’re big advocates for insuring your bicycle(s), but that’s to be understandable. We are bicycle insurance providers. However, our convictions are more profound than that. We’ve all had a crash or a few, and we know how expensive repairs are. Most of us have also experienced the heartbreak of having a bicycle stolen. Some of us have felt joy when insurance replaced our damaged or stolen bike, and others felt regret for skimping on that policy.

1. Bicycles are an investment.

Whether you’ve saved for years or purchased your bike on a whim, a bicycle is still a significant investment. They’re expensive pieces of equipment that often cost as much, if not more, than our cars. Making sure that you’re covered should something unforeseen happen to your bike will avoid the heartbreak of losing your beloved bike or forking out thousands to get it back to racing shape. By insuring your bike, you can ride worry-free; you can chase down PRs and aero-tuck down descents without worrying about the “what if?”.

2. You need cover while riding or racing.

We all know how confusing it can be to understand what you are covered for when dealing with an insurer who doesn’t specialise in bicycle insurance. We make it easy with terminology processes that are simple to understand and follow. All our policies provide cover while riding, and with a Velosure Premium policy, you will even be covered when racing. If you’re unsure whether you’re covered for a certain race or ride, we’re just a call or email away to answer any questions.

3. Accidents happen.

Unfortunately, life happens; as careful as we are and as many risks as we try to avoid, we can’t prevent everything. It might be a crash during an event or a pothole that you didn’t see. With Velosure, your bike is covered against accidental damage.  

Your bike can also cause damage to others or their property.  Maybe a lapse in concentration causes you to scrape a car door with your pedal, or you can’t uncleat at the traffic light and topple into the car alongside you, denting the door. You don’t need to worry if you’re covered with Velosure’s cyclist insurance. Our cyclist insurance covers you in an event where you cause damage or injury to a third party or a third party’s property whilst out riding.

4. Theft from home and away.

As a cyclist, you don’t want to keep your bike locked up in a windowless basement of your house; you want to be cruising around in the sunshine on it. Sometimes, you sit and sip on a coffee post ride, enjoying the view of your beautiful bike, or you commute to work and leave it locked with an approved lock outside the office while you’re working. One of the worst things a cyclist can experience is returning to find their pride and joy stolen. Whether at a coffee shop, at the office or home, we cover your bike against theft (as long as you’ve followed our security and approved lock requirements). No more peering out the office window every few minutes, drinking coffee with one foot still cleated in or sleeping with your bike in bed next to you.

5. Additional accessories cover.

We’re cyclists ourselves and understand that cycling doesn’t end with a bicycle. There are GPS computers, saddle or frame bags, bike racks, lights, and more that you’re likely to own. These seemingly small items can be costly and add up, especially if you have to replace them out of your pocket after a theft or crash. Our premium bicycle insurance option allows you to insure these accessories and custom parts so that you’re not left without if something does happen to them.

It doesn’t cost to be covered.

Your premiums are customised to you and your needs, meaning you are only paying for what you need. Our affordable policies can cost as little as a coffee or two per month. We’d happily sacrifice a couple of coffees for peace of mind whenever you’re riding or not riding your bike. Take out a simple obligation-free quote to insure your bicycle in minutes, or give us a call and have one of our expert team take you through the finer details of bicycle insurance.

Find out what it will cost to cover your bicycle(s) quickly and easily.

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