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Revamp your wardrobe with these 5 Australian kit brands

November 3, 2023

The warm weather is here. The sun is out, and your cycling kit game needs to match the vibe. Out with the long-sleeved jackets, it’s time for new bold colours, patterns, prints, and a fresh set of bibs. Everyone knows that if you look fast, you’ll ride fast, and these local kit manufacturers have options that will add watts to your FTP.


Brand established: Melbourne, 2014.

Are you even a cyclist if you don’t have at least one item from MAAP in your cycling kit wardrobe? This Melbourne-born brand was the brainchild of Oliver Cousins and Jarred Smith back in 2014, and since then, the two have developed an iconic kit brand worn and loved by riders around the world.

Using fabric produced in Milan, you get high-quality kit that dances on the line between fashion and function.  MAAP is known for turning plastic and other recycled materials into premium performance fabrics and combining these with environmentally friendly clothing dyes to create a sustainable kit that performs on the highest level.

Their complete range includes men’s and women’s kit from head to toe, off-bike apparel and accessories. Collaborations with 100% allow you to purchase sunnies, and their latest collab with Apidura has seen the brand launch a capsule collection of branded bike bags perfect for your next adventure.

The brand offers a crash replacement on kit where you can get 40% off your next kit purchase if you damage your beloved MAAP gear in a crash. All you have to do is send them pictures of your damaged kit and the original receipt.

MAAP Cycling Apparel

Black Sheep

Brand established: Gold Coast, 2014.

There’s nothing sad or wrong about this brand. Black Sheep’s slogan is “Dedicated to being different”, and they do it very well.  Riders who wear Black Sheep kit are some of the coolest on the group ride. Their off-the-wall approach to kit design always leaves us wanting another one of their fun, funky jerseys and kit.

Black Sheep offers a complete range of women’s and men’s cycling apparel and on-bike accessories like gloves, along with their custom offering, INK, that allows you to customise and brand your kit the way you like it.

They’re committed to giving back and support several initiatives, including their MR initiative aimed at promoting mental health awareness and support that has been running since 2016. The highly anticipated Man Ride occurs in 12 locations worldwide each year, raising awareness about Men’s mental health. Entry is free and open to all who are up for overcoming adversity.

Black Sheep is working hard to increase the accessibility of cycling, supporting several riders through the Future Dilemma project  by working with the Australian Cycling Academy, among others. The WMN initiative is helping elite female cyclists pursue their pro career goals. The initiative encourages increased female participation in cycling through ambassador-led rides, and they’re working hard to create female-specific collections and content.

Black Sheep Cycling


Brand established: Sydney, 2012

The cool kid on the block, think blue mohawk and attitude. Attaquer, established in Sydney in 2012 by Greg Hamer and Stevan Musulin, is a brand that refuses to conform to the rituals, formalities and rules upon rules. Inspired by the anti-establishment attitude of skate, street, and surf, Attaquer ensures you can be your most confident self.

If you want to stand out from the crowd, Attaquer may just be the brand for you. Check out their latest capsule collection, Ascensionism. They have unique collections, each with something special, including an off-beat collaboration with Kappa. If you purchase a bib and jersey bundle, you’ll receive 20% off your order. If that’s not a good excuse to refresh your wardrobe right now, we don’t know what will be.  

Like MAAP, they also offer a 40% crash replacement should you damage your Attaquer kit in a crash. Simply email them the details, and they’ll get back to you.

Attaquer Cycling


Brand established: Belrose, Sydney 2020

Their goal is to make high quality cycling apparel more affordable and accessible to all cyclists. They committed to creating items of clothing that the average wallet can afford without compromising on quality hence removing some of the barriers preventing people from getting into cycling.

Soomom has a strong female focus, working closely with their female ambassadors to create cycling clothing that fits women properly and comfortably.

The Sydney based brand understands the importance of sustainability and ships all garments in compostable or recycled materials. They’re also working to minimise their environmental impact through energy-efficient production techniques and locally produced fabrics.

Soomom Cycling Apparel


Brand established: 2008.

Run by cyclists for cyclists, Velosure is a bicycle and cyclist insurance company that puts cyclists first. Providing cover for your bicycle against theft from and away from home, malicious and accidental damage and more. Their insurance protects your bike so you can focus on enjoying the ride. The team understands how precious your gear is to you so that you can add your cycling accessories, like GPS, pannier bags, lights and, carrier racks to your policy. Have you ever forgotten your bike on the roof and only remembered as you drove into the garage and heard that heart-wrenching crunching sound? Don’t worry, Velosure has your bike covered when it’s on your bike rack.

If you travel with their bike, you need not worry; you can add worldwide cover to your policy to protect your bike whilst in transit for up to  90 consecutive days.  

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