Velosure FAQ

Cyclist Liability Insurance FAQs

What is Cyclist Liability Insurance?

Sometimes through a lapse of concentration or a bit of poor judgement, we cyclists can do damage or cause injury to others. Cyclist Liability Insurance covers you for the cost you may become responsible for should you cause personal bodily injury to a third party or physical property damage to their property while making use of a bicycle.

Can I take out a Cyclist Liability Cover policy if I am under 18?

Yes. We provide cover for young adults and children over 10 years of age. However, because insurance policies are legal contracts, minors require the consent and assistance of a parent or legal guardian in order to take out a policy.

Am I covered overseas?

Unfortunately no. In order to keep premiums at affordable levels to the average cyclist, our Cyclist Liability Cover provides you with financial protection for accidents that happen in Australia only.

Is damage to my bicycle covered by a Cyclist Liability Cover policy?

The policy provides cover for accidental damage caused to your bicycle by a driver of an uninsured motor vehicle, up to the benefit limit of $2,000 (including GST). You will need to take out a separate bicycle insurance policy if you want broader cover for your bicycle such as, accidental damage caused to it while you are commuting or training or if it is stolen.

Is there an excess payable if a claim is made?

Yes, an excess of $1,000 applies to each accident event where a claim is made. The excess applies separately to each cover type. For example, if a claim is made for damage to someone's car under the policy's Third Party Property Damage Cover, a $1,000 excess will be applied. If as a result of the same accident, a 2nd claim arises for injury caused to the driver of the car, then another excess of $1,000 will apply to this claim against the policy’s Third Party Bodily Injury Cover. Claims for accidental damage caused to your bicycle by an uninsured driver carry an excess of $250.

What is the maximum amount I am covered for?

The Third Party Property Damage and Bodily Injury cover have a combined cover limit of $20 million per claimable accident. The policy also provides cover for accidental damage caused to your bicycle by a driver of an uninsured motor vehicle up to the benefit limit of $2,000 (including GST).

Do you insure professional cyclists or couriers?

Unfortunately we do not insure:

  • Cyclists who use their bicycles for hire, reward, courier services or the carriage of paying passengers.
  • Sponsored or Professional cyclists or individuals who rides or races bicycles as their primary source of income.