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New Bike Day

Terms and Conditions

“Our”, “Us” and “We” refers to Velosure Pty Ltd (Velosure) ABN 81 151 706 697 AR 410026 is the authorised representative of the product issuer, The Hollard Insurance Company Pty Ltd (Hollard) ABN 78 090 584 473 AFSL 241436. ‘You’ and “Your” means the person named on the Insurance Certificate as the insured. Velosure reserves the right to withdraw this promotion at any time.

Cover Eligibility 

The complimentary insurance provided by Velosure under the New Bike Day promotion is valid for 30 days, the first day commencing from the date of activation as indicated on your insurance certificate, and expiring at 30 days thereafter. The cover provided under the New Bike Day promotion is subject to You complying with the following conditions:

  1. You are required to send us the activation SMS within 48 hours of the purchase date reflected on the purchase receipt of Your new bike. 
  2. You are required to complete and submit the activation form within six days of Your initial SMS to Us, in order for the 30 Days Complimentary Cover to be valid.
  3. You are required to provide a copy of the original purchase receipt, to Us, should a claim arise.
  4. In the event of an accidental damage claim made by You, a fixed excess of $250 will apply to each loss event.
  5. In the event of a theft claim made by You, a fixed excess of $350 will apply to each loss event.
  6. The cover does not include Worldwide Cover.
  7. Persons between the ages of 18 years and 83 years of age are eligible for this cover.
  8. The Velosure Basic & Premium Bicycle Insurance Product Disclosure Statement (PDS) is applicable to the cover provided under the New Bike Day promotion, you must observe and fulfill all of its terms in order for the cover under this policy to be valid. 
  9. Issuance of the complimentary New Bike Day cover is subject to the Velosure Terms of Use.