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10 Awesome Valentine’s Day Gifts for Cyclists

If you’re a casual cyclist (or not a cyclist at all) and have a passionate cyclist in your life, you’re probably reaching that stage where figuring out what to gift them for Valentine’s Day is giving you cold sweats. 

There are an infinite number of cycling gadgets and accessories, and cyclists can be a pretty picky bunch – luckily, we’ve got you covered!

Here’s our list of the top ten cycling gifts for any budget.


1. Velosure insurance

Is insurance the sexiest, most show stopping gift for a cyclist? Probably not. But we’d argue that it’s the most functional! While a policyholder needs to take out insurance for themselves, you can always offer to sponsor their payment!

Our specialist bicycle insurance covers bikes for theft (from and away from home), accidental damage, malicious damage, and more. Plus, we offer an optional worldwide cover extension and optional racing cover, so the cyclist in your life can be covered for their adventures – and then some!

You can choose to add your custom parts and accessories, so many of the things featured on our list can also be covered. Pretty nifty, huh?

2. Park Tool Tyre Lever Set TL-1.2 – AU$7.48

A set of tyre levers is an essential piece of cycling equipment, especially because it’s impossible to get many types of tyres off the wheel without one. If you’re looking for something small, functional, and affordable, look no further!

3. Camelbak Podium 24oz Water Bottle – AU$13.39

As we all know, water is the elixir of life. You can’t go wrong with a receptacle that’s considered one of the best in the cycling world. It has an easy squeeze construction, a self-sealing cap, and is BPA-, BPF- and BPS-free.

As an added bonus, every time they take a sip of water on a grueling ride, they’ll think of you and how your Valentine’s Day gift saved them. Winning!

4. Trigger Bell Safer Bike Bell – AU$19.52

If the cyclist in your life also commutes by bike, this bell is a must-have! It conveniently attaches to the handlebars so they don’t need to change their grip to ring it. Most importantly, it lets pedestrians know that a cyclist is approaching so they can cruise by safely.

5. Race Face Half Nelson Lock On Grips – AU$32.00 – AU$33.47

Although bike grips are a simple (and sometimes easy to overlook) item, they serve several vital functions: increased control, comfort, and ultimately safety. These grips are thin, lightweight, and give you that tacky feel straight out of the box – everything you could want from a pair of grips!

6. dhb Short Sleeve Seamless Base Layer – AU$26.77

When teamed with the right jersey, this base layer is perfect for all but the hottest of days. Because there are no seams, it follows the natural contour of the body to reduce discomfort and chafing when cycling. It also has exceptional moisture-wicking properties for a fresher ride.

7. Topeak Alien II 26 Function Multi Tool – AU$87.88

Weighing in at only 290g, the latest version of the original Alien multi tool offers 26 of the most likely tools a cyclist will need when they’re out on the road or trails. It’s an incredibly compact do-it-all device that’s compatible with single and multi-speed chains up to 12-speed.

8. Strava Subscription – AU$7.99 per month

If the cyclist in your life doesn’t already have a paid Strava subscription, we can guarantee that they really, really want one! The app enables you to track your activity, set custom goals, compare your performance with other athletes, and create your own training plans.

9. Vel Frame Bag 2L – AU$‌81.00

Everyone needs to carry heavier items at times. The Vel Frame Bag is the ideal carrier because it keeps the centre of gravity low down in the middle of the bike, minimising the impact on handling. With waterproof fabric and welded seams, anything kept inside it will be safe from the elements.

10. Garmin Rally RK200 Pedal Power Meter – AU$1,188.12

If you’re planning to go all-out this Valentine’s Day, there’s nothing that’ll cause their jaw to drop faster than the Garmin Rally RK200 Pedal Power Meter.

They’re just as easy to install as any other normal pedal but pack a huge punch. Plus, they can easily be transferred from bike to bike. The dual-sensing power meter delivers reliable power measurements, measuring total power and cadence to assist in tailoring their training to help improve their weaknesses. This is an unbeatable gift for cyclists who are serious about their performance!

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